Fbchat 5 Things Not to Say Someone with Arthritis Pain

5 Things Not to Say Someone with Arthritis Pain

arthritis pain

5 Things Not to Say Someone with Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is a condition that needs more than treatment. Certain things said by friends, family members, or anyone else for that matter may hurt the individual in one way or another. The intentions behind certain comments may not be to hurt anyone, but you must be careful because they may provoke negative feelings and a sense that nobody understands what they’re going through. The following are some comments you must desist from making to an arthritic patient.

  • I Heard This Product Works To Cure Arthritis

Currently, there are numerous advertisements across various forms of media for arthritis medication, products like supplements, juices, and many others. Because a lot of people are paying attention, pharmaceutical companies may be tempted to run deceptive ads. It is safe to assume that any ad claiming a miracle cure is embellished or untrue, and commenting on anyone’s medical condition based on unreliable information is never a good idea.

  • If You Changed Your Diet, You Would Feel Better

This is a comment that is wrong on many levels. This would mean there is always a relationship between arthritis and diet, but there is no substantial connection between the two.

  • You Look Just Fine

Normally, most people like to be told they look well. However, the same comment might be offensive when directed at individuals suffering from arthritis pain. Arthritis, like most medical conditions, will oftentimes show little to no sign of physical detriment. Making such comments to an arthritic patient signifies a blatant lack of empathy and understanding, even an indirect accusation that the individual isn’t actually in pain. Needless to say, this shouldn’t happen.

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  • You’re Too Young to Have Arthritis

This comment is derived from the biggest misconception about arthritis joint pain. Arthritis normally affects older individuals, but the fact is that it can affect all age groups. In the United States alone an estimated 300,000 children have been diagnosed with arthritis. As opposed to making your own diagnosis, you may be better off with something along the lines of: “it is quite unfair for a person of your age to be affected by this condition.”

  • You Take Too Many Medications

The administration of drugs is a touchy issue. Normally people don’t like to take medications, but for those suffering from arthritis, it’s clearly not a matter of preference. In fact, a majority of arthritic patients would tell you they can’t work without their medication. It is absolutely inappropriate to comment on an arthritic patient’s medication unless there is a genuine reason to believe the individual is abusing his/her prescription. It is safe to say it would be best to let the doctors hold these discussions with their patients and keep our comments regarding such things to ourselves.

In case of any emergency, do not forget to call 911 or visit your nearby urgent care center.

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