Best Energy Foods for Kids
10 Best Energy Foods for Kids

Do you struggle as a parent to get your kids to stay focused ALL day through school, and after? Could it be what they are eating, or perhaps what they are not eating? Nutrition is important for all of us, but especially in a growing child’s body and brain.  They need everything they can get […]

doctors visits why checkups are vital
Doctor’s Visits: Why Checkups Are Vital?

In a world laden with competition, professionals are trying to remain relevant in saturated job markets. With increasing levels of stress, pressure, and tension, people from all facets of life are facing difficulties. Many people have succumbed and are now out of a job, and anyone who wants to sustain satisfactory performance must keep up […]

How to Start Meditation
How to Start Meditation and See Results Today

More people are seeking the benefits of meditation than ever before. Perhaps you have wanted to begin meditating yourself but aren’t sure where to start. That’s OK because meditation is not as difficult as you might believe. Below are some benefits of meditation along with how to get started and some tips for beginners or […]

Senior Mobility Myths
5 Senior Mobility Myths Uncovered

The image of grandma sitting in her wheelchair watching Wheel of Fortune is a classic, albeit misinformed, portrait of the American senior citizen. Mobility problems might keep some seniors from running marathons, but they certainly don’t have to keep them from living healthy and purposeful lives. Is your mobility know-how up to speed? Check out […]

back pain
5 Lower Back Pain Myths Debunked!

Back pain sends more people to the doctor yearly than almost any other medical ailment. Lower back pain, shoulder muscle tension, and general stiffness or inflammation, unfortunately, play large roles in the day-to-day life of many adults. However, there are numerous myths surrounding back pain that impede people’s ability to properly manage it. Back Pain […]

Gynaecologist | Pregnancy
A Guide to Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss

It’s easy to feel helpless when trying to lose weight, especially when you’ve just had a child and are gearing up for the whirlwind years of early parenthood. Between the sleepless nights, the seemingly infinite crying, and the momentous “firsts” like walking and talking, it can be hard for new moms to find time for […]

arthritis pain
5 Things Not to Say Someone with Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is a condition that needs more than treatment. Certain things said by friends, family members, or anyone else for that matter may hurt the individual in one way or another. The intentions behind certain comments may not be to hurt anyone, but you must be careful because they may provoke negative feelings and a […]

suspecting a borderline diabetes
Suspecting a Borderline Diabetes?

While a whopping eighty-six million Americans have borderline diabetes, 9 out of 10 of those people don’t even realize they have it. So, what exactly is borderline diabetes? Educate yourself now on the all-too-common condition. Prediabetes or borderline diabetes means your blood sugar level is higher than normal but not yet high enough to be […]

Stay Safe this Halloween

Kids love the magic of Halloween. But for parents, the holiday may raise some valid concerns. Ill-fitting costumes and sharp props can cause injuries, candle-lit jack-o-lanterns pose a fire hazard and above all, there is an increased risk of car accidents. According to Safe Kids Worldwide, “twice as many child pedestrians are killed while walking […]