Stay Healthy and Safe this Holiday Season

While the winter holidays are a time of joy and celebration, the season is not without its pitfalls. Increased travel, family gatherings, and holiday decorations and gifts can bring unwanted stress, injury, and illness. Stay safe and healthy this season by following just a few simple precautions. Travel Smart Millions of Americans will find themselves […]

How Cold Weather Impacts Your Health

Do you eagerly await the first snowfall of the year? A blanket of snow covering the ground is beautiful to look at, but over time the cold temperatures that go along with winter can take their toll on you both physically and psychologically. What’s more, death rates tend to climb during the cold winter months. […]

Water Safety Rules Every Parent Should Know

On hot summer days, many of us head to local swimming spots to cool off and have fun with our families. However, a trip to the pool can quickly turn tragic if the proper precautions aren’t taken. According to the CDC, “drownings are a leading cause of injury death for young children ages 1 to 14, […]

7 Ways to Increase Your Daily Antioxidant Intake

Healthy living will always have a place in our hearts and stomachs – literally and figuratively! Our health is comprised of our emotional and physical health, and most importantly, the food we eat every day. Without healthy eating, our bodies can never perform at optimum levels and organs cannot function properly for their intended purposes. […]

Do we really need Probiotics?

What exactly do probiotics do and why are they beneficial to our bodies? One would think, why to add more bacteria to our bodies when we are consumed by so many other tendencies. We always think bacteria is bad for us or that cause diseases and that we must get rid of it. But actually, […]

Ultimate Summer Safety Guide

Make summer safety a priority. Summer should be a time of lighthearted amusement and no unnecessary trips to the doctor! Learn these key summer safety tips to prevent injuries while enjoying all of your favorite seasonal activities. We walk you through the basics of safe grilling, swimming, and fireworks. Safe Grilling and BBQs Each year, […]