Fbchat 6 Healthy New Year's Gift Ideas for Health Conscious Friends and Family

6 New Year Gift Ideas for Health Conscious People


6 New Year Gift Ideas for Health Conscious People

The year is just about to end and health-conscious people are just setting up their fitness goals. Even if they have missed some of the goals in the current year, they might set goals that are harder to achieve.


You might have someone in the family who is health conscious and you are thinking of giving them a gift. It is better to give them something that is helpful for achieving their goals. Or in other cases, you might have someone in the family who is lazy and you are worried about your health.

In both cases, giving them gifts that are centered on health and fitness might help to achieve their goals. Here are a few of the gifts you can give to them.

Workout Accessories

If you are looking for a gift, then a workout outfit is the right choice. It will not only surprise your loved ones but will also encourage them to take part in a health and fitness program. For instance, a running belt that holds the phone, a sweat headband, or a workout bag can also prove to be a nice gift.

Membership of Gym

Some people are willing to do some exercises in order to stay fit, but they don’t want to spend money. How about getting a membership in the gym and encouraging them to take the first step? Moreover, if someone has already joined the gym, you can pay for them to extend their membership.

Wearable Smartwatches

The wearable smartwatch is a great idea for a gift. This small gadget will help your loved one to keep track of their health and set their goals. Moreover, the smartwatch will also help them to count steps and how much they have achieved during the month or a week.

Heavy Duty Foam Roller

If you have someone in your life who loves to work out, odds are they have some pretty sore muscles. Sure, you could gift them with a message, but if that’s not quite in the budget, a foam roller will do the trick. This heavy-duty version features special edges to relieve tension on all of the pressure points, helping muscles to recover in no time.

Nut milk bag

Have a vegan in your life? Or maybe just somebody who’s lactose intolerant? Buying nut milk can weigh down the wallet, which is why we love this DIY nut milk bag. Although it’s certainly a bit more work to make it yourself, this bag strains all the stuff you don’t need and gives you the freshest milk possible. Make it a super gift by pairing the bag with a cute milk bottle filled with fresh almonds or cashews.

Bluetooth Smart Scale

Step on this scale and you’ll not only get a weight reading, but it will also estimate body fat percentage, water, and muscle mass. Plus, it connects via Bluetooth to your phone by means of an app that keeps track of your progress.

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