Fbchat 8 Effective Tips to Remain Safe During Pandemic (Covid-19)

8 Effective Tips to Remain Safe During Pandemic (Covid-19)


8 Effective Tips to Remain Safe During Pandemic (Covid-19)

The world has seen a massive outbreak of Covid-19 disease or coronavirus and now things are turning up a little bit around different parts of the globe. As several states have started to resume their public and economical activities during the pandemic (Covid-19), healthcare experts and public health officials suggest that it is still important to follow Covid-19 safety tips and precautions so you can avoid exposure to coronavirus.

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Here are Some Important Covid-19 Safety Tips and Precautions

  1. Wash Your Hands Frequently

It has been observed especially during the pandemic that most people touch surfaces outdoors or even indoors sometimes. Perhaps someone sneezes or puts dirty hands on it, making it infected or contagious. The best way to keep yourself safe is by washing your hands frequently for up to 20 seconds. Don’t do it too quickly, wash it properly between your fingers and clean the nails too.

If there is an unavailability of soap and water then you should alcohol-based hand sanitizer. If you’re going to touch a doorknob anywhere, try to have a tissue or wipe it in your hand while touching the doorknob.

  1. Cleaning & Disinfecting the Surfaces

We have so many surfaces in the home like door handles, computer mouse & keyboard, kitchen shelves, and mobile phones that can get infected very easily during this Covid-19 outbreak period. You need to have a disinfecting or cleaning solution which you can use with paper towels for cleaning all these surfaces.

  1. Avoid Things Touched by an Infected Person

You need to be very careful about people around you who are infected by this novel coronavirus, if someone in your family or around you is infected, you must avoid touching anything which they touch or use, if mistakenly touches anything infected then do wash your hands properly for 20 seconds with water and soap.

  1. Don’t Share Things with Anyone Outside or Even in your Home Who is Infected

It’s really important to have your own basic things during this time of the pandemic. You need to avoid sharing things outdoors with anyone you don’t know. Don’t ask for a tissue, pen, etc. from anyone, and even follow these guidelines with ones who are in your home and infected with Covid-19 disease. You need to have separate household things for the persons infected at home.

  1. Change the Greeting Habits, Don’t Shake Hands, Kiss or Hug People During the Pandemic

We need to change our greeting habits for a while until the pandemic gets over. We love people and try to greet them in the best possible way but we need to change it for the safety of everyone. Don’t shake hands with others or kiss or even don’t hug them. Try to have fun with a fist or elbow bump greeting or the best way is to smile and say hello from a distance.

  1. Cover your Mouth & Don’t Touch your Face

We all touch our face several times even in a single hour but you should know that your hands could be contaminated with the disease if you touched the infected surface so the important part is to cover your mouth with a mask and avoid touching your face because this virus spreads in human via nose, mouth, and eyes.

  1. Avoid Close Contact and Crowds

As things are changing during the pandemic and people are going out, you need to be cautious about safety precautions, you need to avoid close contact with others and maintain a safe distance of 6 feet. Avoid going into a crowded place because there might be some people out there who are infected and asymptomatic.

  1. Follow Hygienic Practices & Be Cautious About Symptoms

We all are going through a tough phase and we should follow good hygiene practices that include washing hands, keeping a safe distance, disinfecting and cleaning, etc. On the other side, we should also keep in mind the symptoms of coronavirus (Covid-19), some of which are trouble breathing, loss of taste/smell, cough, fever, sneezing, etc. Don’t forget to consult the doctor immediately or the nearest medical center for Covid-19 testing in case of any of the Covid-19 symptoms.

By following these safety tips, we can take a step towards eliminating coronavirus in a more effective way. For more information, read CDC Covid-19 prevention guidelines or you can consult your medical provider for other symptoms as well.

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