Diabetic Patients
How Snacks Are Helpful For Diabetic Patients

Introduction Obesity is one of the major causes of diabetes. Snacks are low-calorie foods that help in weight loss, resulting in low blood sugar and diabetes management. But not all kinds of snacks are helpful for diabetic patients. The high fiber, protein, and healthy fats snacks keep the blood sugar under control and are highly […]

Stages Of Breast Cancer
5 Stages Of Breast Cancer And Treatment

Breast cancer is a disease in which the breast cells grow out of control or abnormally. These cells grow faster than healthy cells and form a lump or mass. There are various kinds of breast cancer depending on the cells in the breast that turn into cancer. In addition, it can be cured according to […]

abdominal distension
Why is there abdominal distension in adults?

An abnormally enlarged abdomen is referred to as abdominal distension. You can feel, measure, or even see this change. Gas bloating, accumulation of fluid, tissue or gastrointestinal contents can cause a distended stomach. It can be acute or chronic. How can you describe abdominal distension in detail? Bloated stomachs are noticeably larger than usual. This […]