Fbchat COVID-19 Vaccine: Debunking The Myths

COVID-19 Vaccine: Debunking The Myths

COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccine: Debunking The Myths

As doses of the COVID-19 vaccine start distributing worldwide, questions and concerns inevitably arise regarding these vaccines’ efficiency. A vast amount of misinformation is available online.t is important to separate facts from myths and obtain information from trusted and credible sources.

Most Common Myths About COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccine Is Unsafe

While it is true that numerous pharmaceutical companies around the world invested significantly into developing a vaccine as an emergency response warranted by the emergency situation, this did not mean that any safety regulations, protocols, or testing procedures were bypassed. Instead, the unprecedented world collaboration and global investment in this vaccine have enabled its rapid production.

On December 11, 2020, the U.S. FDA authorized the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine via emergency use authorization. To obtain emergency use authorization, the manufacturer must have followed through with half of the trial participants for a minimum of 2 months after completing the vaccination series, and the vaccine must be proven safe and effective throughout that population. The Advisory Committee on Immunization has also required an independent panel of vaccine safety experts to evaluate the safety data from the clinical trials.

Vaccine Will Alter DNA

The vaccines mentioned above that were authorized use mRNA (messenger RNA) to instruct cells to make a “spike protein” found on the coronavirus to spark an immune response. When the immune system sees this protein, it creates a response by developing antibodies — that protects the body from future infection.

The mRNA actually never enters or integrates with our DNA. Rather, the body gets rid of it after the immune response is generated.

I Already Recovered From COVID-19, So I Do Not Need The Vaccine

There is currently not enough information available to indicate how long protection lasts from getting COVID-19 again after infection or whether this protection exists at all. Most experts agree that whether or not anyone has had the infection, vaccination would still be appropriate to assure protection.

Severe Side Effects Of COVID-19 Vaccination

As with some vaccines, short-term mild side effects may include soreness at the injection site that typically dissipates quickly. Severe side effects are rare enough that their risk cannot be statistically calculated to a measurable degree.

The Vaccine Will Help Control the Population Through “Microchip Tracking”

The internet, and most social media, provide a fertile breeding ground for misinformation, especially during a political environment. Currently, there is no evidence that a vaccine contains or would even be able to contain a “microchip” nor there is any evidence that 5G telecommunication towers are involved in any manner.

This particular myth stemmed after Bill Gates had mentioned a digital certificate of vaccine records to The Gates Foundation. This does not reference any technology involved or implemented through the development, testing procedures, and vaccine distribution.

I Do Not Need To Wear Mask After Getting The Vaccine

Although the vaccine may prevent infection, it is still relatively unknown at this time whether the virus will still be carried or transmitted to others. Currently, wearing masks, handwashing, and social distancing is essential to maintain control of the virus. At the same time, public health experts update their guidance as more and more people get vaccinated and a better understanding of natural and vaccine immunity is uncovered.

Vaccine Contains Toxic And Dangerous Ingredients

The currently authorized vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna have publicly published the list of ingredients for their vaccines. Both of these vaccines contain fats (lipids) that enable mRNA delivery to your cells, alongside common ingredients that maintain stability.

While there are gelatin and egg proteins in some common flu vaccines that may cause allergic reactions, these are extremely rare. In any case, any patient history of allergies should be discussed with the health care provider.

The Vaccine Will Cause COVID-19

This is not possible, as the vaccine does not contain the live virus and thus would not show up in a test result. However, it is still possible to get infected with the virus through other means before the vaccine has had enough time to protect the immune system altogether.  Vaccines are meant to “prime” the immune system so that it can recognize and fight off the infection, not cause it. Some people may experience fatigue, muscle aches, or headache after administration. However, this is normal for any vaccine and indicates that the immune system is responding to the vaccine.

Vaccine Causes Infertility In Women

How could a vaccine preventing a respiratory illness lead to infertility? You are right, no studies indicate any linkage between the two. Several posts have been circulating online that incorrectly purported a link between the spike protein formed by receiving the mRNA-based vaccines and the blockage of a protein necessary for the formation of and adherence to the uterus of the human placenta. No evidence or any studies supports any link between the antibodies and infertility after COVID-19 infection. This is also true of any other viral infection or vaccination-inducing immunity that works by similar mechanisms. Even during natural infection, the immune system generates the same antibodies to the spike protein that the vaccines would; therefore, it would have already led to increases in miscarriage rates in women infected with COVID-19, which has not happened.

Healthcare organizations are still finding more conclusions about COVID-19 vaccines through trials and we should wait until we get profound information.

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