Fbchat Immigration Physical Exam: 7 Things You MUST Remember Beforehand

Immigration Physical Exam: 7 Things you should remember before Appearing

Immigration Physical Exam US

Immigration Physical Exam: 7 Things you should remember before Appearing

Applying for a green card does not end with submitting your identity document. In fact, if you are applying for permanent residence in the United States, you have to go through Immigration Physical Exam. The exam is conducted by a civil surgeon approved by USCIS. The Immigration Physical Exam is designed in accordance with the Centers for Diseases and Control (CDC).

Immigration Physical Exam requires you to go through a full body checkup, vaccines, tests related to transmittable diseases, and mental and physical evaluation. The purpose of the Immigration Physical Exam is to know that a person is admissible on grounds of public health and safety.

The Immigration Physical Exam is the second last step of the green card process, and no one ever wishes to get rejected. Below are some of the things you need to remember when appearing for the Immigration Physical Exam.

Get Information about Immigration Medical Exam

It is important for you to know everything about Immigration Physical Exam. Most people get rejected due to a lack of knowledge. You can find information all about it online. You can find articles, blogs, the USCIS web portal, and social pages to gain information related to the physical medical exam.

Consult an Immigration Lawyer

You can consult an immigration lawyer who can help you out in knowing all about the medical exam. It will help you to simplify the process and make it easier for you to get a green card. It has been observed that the chances of getting permanent resident status are higher if you consult a lawyer and ask for advice.

Take Precautions when Hiring a Civil Surgeon

Your immigration physical exam is all dependent on your doctor. Make sure to check when choosing a civil surgeon that he/she is on the list of civil surgeons from the USCIS web portal. You can also ask for testimonials from the doctor or you can search for the reviews online.

Tell only when you are asked

When going through Immigration Physical Exam, make sure to be truthful about the questions being asked. However, if not asked by the civil surgeon, you should not disclose anything not asked by the surgeon. It is not advisable to be friendly with your doctor.

Carry Government Issued Photo

It is advisable to carry an identity card, passport, or driving license. Most of the applicants forget to bring their identity care and is not expired before the exam.

Medical History Documents

It is advisable if you have any medical history which is related to tests conducted in a medical exam, make sure to carry the documents along.

Fill out Form I-693, Free of Errors

Form I-693 requires you to write personal details. The form should be error-free and fill the form by typing also to avoid any human error.

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