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Top 10 Most Common Health Issues


Top 10 Most Common Health Issues

When the body’s natural metabolism of anyone is disrupted or changed by a pollutant, virus, or another factor, it results in common health issues. Personal health care is provided to people who are not able to take care of themselves. Aspects of personal health comprise the wellness of emotional, intellectual, social, economic, spiritual, and other areas of life. Two kinds of factors may cause personal health issues. One type can be changed to improve health statuses like diet, lifestyle, and physical activities. In contrast, the second kind cannot be altered to manage common health issues such as genes, family history, and ethnicity.

Most common health issues

The following are the most common personal health issues these days:

i. Physical inactivity 

The most common health issue in the contemporary world is keeping an inactive lifestyle. An inactive lifestyle causes cardiovascular diseases and diabetes increases depression and mood swings. In addition, being inactive for a longer time is accompanied by pre-aging. So, it is essential for healthy aging, and to prevent fatal diseases, you should consume nutrient-rich food and live an active life with a physical workout.

ii. Overweight and obesity

Obesity is diagnosed in the ⅔ population of the U.S. and is responsible for many serious personal health issues. Hypertension, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, respiratory difficulties, dyslipidemia, and endometrial, prostate, and colon cancers are caused by overweight or obesity. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health provides comprehensive guidelines and practical recommendations to reduce weight and manage obesity.

iii. Tobacco

In this stressful era, tobacco addiction is the most common health issue. Excessive tobacco usage is the leading cause of lung cancer and deaths in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), smokers who quit tobacco are succeeded in preventing respiratory diseases and pre-deaths, resulting in a longer lifespan.

iv. Substance abuse

Another common health issue is using drugs among youth and older people to reduce depression and anxiety. Drug and alcohol addiction are the most common types of substance misuse. This substance addiction may have severe health implications, including heart &kidney failure and neurological complications.


Elders over 50 account for 11 to 15% of all AIDS diagnoses in the United States. People over 50 years of age are at higher risk of developing AIDS than younger due to a weaker defensive system. Elders are less likely to use condoms, and their immune systems deteriorate with age, so HIV is easily transmitted to elders and affects them. Unfortunately, elderly citizens are underrepresented in research, clinical medication trials, preventive initiatives, and intervention activities, resulting in increasing cases of AIDS. 

vi. Mental health

The most common health issue is mental health which can take away our dreams. Mental health issues are caused by reactions to medications, vision and hearing problems, infections, nutritional imbalances, diabetes, or other health issues. Depression is the most prevalent mental health issue that affects people in their later years and at a young age. Depression in the elderly may lead to suicide if left untreated. Here’s a shocking fact: the suicide rate among old white males is greater than that of any other age group, including teenagers. So, this personal health issue requires consideration and attention from close ones.

vii. Falling and injuries

Falls are the leading cause of injuries, hospitalizations for trauma, and injury-related deaths among younger. Every year, one out of every three youngers falls accidentally. Exercise, a balanced diet, and some medicines can improve your health by giving you strength and decreasing injury and falling rates. Some strategies such as making changes to your home, providing home security, and installing fire-prevention devices can reduce the probability of injures. According to an estimation, people aged 65 and up are twice that of other age groups to suffer and die in a house fire.

viii. Environmental Quality

Poor environmental quality is a significant aspect of personal health issues these days. Poor environmental quality is responsible for many severe diseases and consequences because it is not easy to improve its quality. Even though pollution affects everyone, some studies show that low-income, racial, and ethnic minorities are more likely to reside in regions with poor environmental quality, resulting in a higher rate of infectious and serious diseases.

ix. Immunization

Influenza and pneumonia are two common health issues among the top 10 causes of mortality in older people. Influenza immunization for the elderly has been emphasized, which has benefited. But pneumonia is still one of the most severe diseases, particularly in women and the elderly.

x. Access to health care

It is a common health issue across the world. Elders don’t monitor their health as seriously as they should. At the same time, a lack of geriatricians has been noted nationwide, which causes the delay of treatment or sometimes unbales access. This problem can be resolved by visiting the Urgent way walk-in medical Centre New York which is accessible to everyone anytime with all health-related services.

Personal health issues are related to the wellness of individuals. Aspects of personal health have a variety as environment, body mass index, nutrition, and lifestyle. The most common health issues are physical inactivity and food, obesity, tobacco, substance abuse, AIDS, mental health, falling and injury, environmental quality, immunization, and healthcare access. These all-personal health issues require attention to improve the quality of life and keep you free from diseases.

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