Fbchat Are Vaccinations Good or Bad For My Child’s Health?

Vaccinations: Good or Bad?


Vaccinations: Good or Bad?

Vaccinations! A very hot topic among parents these days is the decision of whether to vaccinate or remain vaccination-free. Regardless of which side of the discussion you are on, the topic of vaccinations can become very confusing for parents. More and more studies are conducted to prove both the pros and cons of vaccinations. Knowing the facts can be critical to your and your family’s health.

The Pros

  • Vaccinations can decrease the chances of an outbreak and can lower the risk of catching a serious illness.
  • Vaccinations can protect children and adults from many deadly viruses and bacteria that exist today.

The Cons

  • Chemical additives that are foreign to the body are added to many vaccines to prevent loss of potency and can cause side effects and/or serious reactions.
  • Our bodies provide a natural defense barrier that vaccinations can alter if not administered properly by a medical professional.

Many times, the discussion around vaccinations may be fear-based, sensationalized, and just plain wrong. It is vital to do your homework and get the facts from a trusted professional. Your doctor or another trusted medical professional is a great place to start.

At UrgentWay, we understand the importance of supporting a parent’s right to make informed choices regarding vaccinations for their family. Additional options for alternative vaccine schedules are available if you do not wish to follow the recommended CDC schedule.

To learn more about each recommended vaccine and the ingredients in each one, we recommend Dr. Bob Sears book, The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child.

Our Recommendations

In our opinion, we believe the benefits of vaccinations outweigh any risks. Vaccinations are medically safe and are one of the greatest health developments of the 20th century. Illnesses including Rubella, Diphtheria, Small Pox, Polio, and Whooping Cough can now be prevented by vaccinations, and millions of children can now live safely, with minimal risk of contracting these diseases. We believe that by helping to promote vaccinations, we can eradicate and eliminate such illnesses that can otherwise become catastrophic and eventually epidemic.

If you would like to speak with one of our doctors regarding vaccinations, please give us a call today at 877-276-9006. You can also book an appointment online with a doctor or schedule a Telemedicine visit.

We look forward to sharing the facts and helping you make an informed decision about vaccinations!

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